~1 minute

Update PFSense to the latest Tailscale version

  1. Uninstall Tailscale from pfSense. (No configurations will be lost)
  2. Connect to the firewall with SSH.
  3. Select option 8.
  4. Enter "pkg add https://pkg.freebsd.org/FreeBSD:14:aarch64/latest/All/tailscale-1.62.0.pkg"

    (Package Source: https://freebsd.pkgs.org/14/freebsd-aarch64/tailscale-1.62.0.pkg.html)

    (Netgate guide: https://docs.netgate.com/pfsense/en/latest/recipes/freebsd-pkg-repo.html#installing-packages)
  5. Now Tailscale updated but you won't have any way to control it from the pfSense WebGUI.
  6. Reinstall Tailscale as you would normally from the pfSense package manager.
  7. The install process will install everything pfSense need but will skip the Tailscale 1.26.2 installation as a newer version is already installed.
  8. Go to the Tailscale settings in pfSense and enable it back on.
  9. Go to the Tailscale webportal and you should see that your pfSense client is now on latest version.